April 5, 2017, Oxford, Ohio.  Brett Kirkpatrick, Executive Director of McCullough-Hyde/TriHealth, updated Rotarians on new developments taking place in the hospital since TriHealth became a 60% partner in the hospital in 2015.  Brett focused on the newly built Emergency Department, the construction of 3 new state-of-the-art operating theaters, and the opening of a second endoscopy suite within the Operating Room area.
As a result of requirements of the ACA legislation (ObamaCare) McCullough-Hyde/TriHealth was required to update it's patient records system which TriHealth's corporate team led last summer.  The new system is now installed and allows patient information to be shared across healthcare providers, a very powerful tool that greatly increases patient care.  
One of Brett's largest initiatives is bringing new medical talent into the McCullough Hyde service areas to meet the growing need for family and specialized care.  Most recently, Oxford Internal Medicine joined TriHealth's network of dedicated physician groups.  Expansion of the practice is taking place with a new doctor arriving this June and the recent addition of Debra Perkins, CNP.  
In addition, a newly renovated patient clinic will soon be available adjacent to the hospital's new Emergency Department.  TriHealth has been able to supplement Pulmonology, Cardiac and other specialities utilizing the resources of established practitioners from its extensive network of doctors. Specialists will examine and treat patients in these enhanced facilities.  McCullough-Hyde/Trihealth is bringing exceptional patient care to the community.