President  Bryan introduced Bob Keller, University Architect, who has many responsibilities touching on numerous aspects of the physical facilities at the University.  Born into a family of brick masons, Bob when asked by his grandfather about his future, responded that he would continue in the family tradition, but the grandfather urged Bob to become an architect.  He did just that.  Following many years of study, including a time in London, Bob worked for some time in the Dayton area.  He joined the Miami staff in 1989.  Again, welcome, Bob.
Upon recommendation  of the Rotary Board, Club members agreed to increase the Hefner Fund contribution by $10.00 a quarter, making the total contribution $45 per quarter for each member.  This increase will add support to the mission of the Hefner Fund to reach out to charitable ventures within the community.  Bob Miller and Alan Oak have volunteered to serve as members of the Hefner Fund Board.
Susie Sadler brought the club's memories of a dark period in both the history of the nation and also of our local area, in the still somewhat mysterious area known as Fernald.  Susie introduced Jane Powell, director of the Fernold Site and Visitors Center.  From 1951 through 1989, 7000 workers were employed on the site processing uranium.  Although there never was a reactor or weapon, secrecy surrounded the facility.  After a 10 year major cleanup effort, the area has been turned into a visitors center and a nature reserve.
In contrast to mystery and secrecy, Dodi Wolke's program introduced clum members to the amazingly complex process of growing, transporting and marketing the symbols of love that may eventually overcome nuclear power.  Dodi brought Norm Gormann, a major distributor from Cincinnati, who took us step by step from the planting of seeds to providing the final bouquet in the hands of loved ones.
Dodi announced the beginning of a program to award bouquets to those recommended as worthy recipients in the community.  This is a generous program by Ball Flowers to enhance the life of the community.
Ralph Gutowski announced the major gift from the Gates Foundation in support of the Polio Plus effort of the Rotary Foundation.  Polio Plus is moving forward in eliminating the dread disease throughout the world.  (see full article in Newsletter)