Renew or activate your 2022 Flag subscription by March 31st and your price is $40 for all five holidays!  We are offering a special Early Bird discount for the 2022 season which includes Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Veterans Day.  You receive a $5 credit off our regular price of $45 to renew or activate your subscription early --- by March 31st.

We are grateful for the Oxford Community's support of this program which has allowed us to enjoy beautiful and patriotic 3 x 5 American flags through businesses, neighborhoods, homes and community sites throughout the Oxford area.   
Your support of this project is important since the proceeds go to support youth-oriented programs in our local community as well as selected international Rotary projects. A listing of programs supported  is provided in the Frequently Asked Questions available at or on this website.
With your help, in 2021 we displayed 784 flags in the Oxford community. Our goal for 2022 is to display 825 flags.  Please share this program with your neighbors and friends and fellow businesses! You might also consider a gift subscription for a family member, friend or customer.
More information about this project is available at or by calling us at (513) 593-9601.