Testimonials for Oxford Rotary Club


Rotary Testimonials

“I am very fond of Rotary because week after week, year after year, I can count on the genuine camaraderie and friendship to be found. It warms the heart.”  —Jay Baird

“I find Rotary fun, educational and inspirational. Good company, good jokes (and bad!), updates on Oxford/Miami happenings, entertaining speakers, and a sense of real pride for all the good things we do in the area and worldwide.”  —Bill Schilling

“As a retired educator, I enjoy being part of the distribution process as we give dictionaries to every third grader in the school district. It’s also great to share experiences at our weekly meetings and to be part of the fund raising efforts that provide support for many school and community organizations!” —Norm Harsh 


“Rotary is a great place to meet and get to know community leaders, which in turn keeps you up-to-date on the ‘state of Oxford’ through lunchtime conversations and the great presentations at each meeting.  It has been a joy to be a Rotarian.” —Brian Fey

“Rotary to me has always been about service; in fact “service above self” is our motto, which includes both community and worldwide causes.  We fundraise for the benefit of local needs and donate to the Rotary International Foundation.  Our international projects improve the standard of living throughout the world, in directed and specific programs.  I genuinely feel Rotarians plant seeds of peace.” —Bryan Hehemann

"Rotary gives me the opportunity to connect with wonderful people who care about this community and the larger world around them.  Every week, I learn something new at our Wednesday meetings, or I'm inspired by a speaker, or fired up to help on a project that will help improve the lives of others. Rotary makes serving your community a true privilege and pleasure." —Julie Nickell

"Rotary puts me in contact with others who are used to taking responsibility for the communities to which they belong -- people who are ready to use their professional experience to organize and to act in effective ways to make the world a better place." —Warren Mason

“I joined Rotary for the fellowship and friendliness, and learned that it also satisfies the need to know what is really going on in Oxford, providing a valuable asset to the community.” —Bill Pratt 

"I was reminded what I like best about Rotary when several Rotarians and Rotaract students held our annual Halloween Party at the One Way Farm. Whether placing flags at the cemetery, working on 'the assembly line' making back-to-school packets for Talawanda students or bringing smiles to the faces of the unfortunate residents of the Farm, I enjoy the camaraderie and feel it offers an opportunity to put a local meaning to Rotary's slogan: 'Service above Self'."

—Bob Johnson

“I moved to Oxford in 2004 to start-up Miami’s MBA Program. For several years, I developed little connection to civic activities. This all changed when I joined Rotary, my first ever connection with a civic organization.  The benefits have been substantial. The Wednesday lunches allowed me to become acquainted with over 50 leaders of the Oxford community while also enjoying the programs, which highlight various activities, events, and people in the community.  The combination has allowed me to connect with the Oxford community in a very tangible and meaningful manner.  Rotary is not an obligation….but rather, a pipeline of opportunity.” —Brad Bays

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends and network with people outside my connections through my children's athletic commitments and (at work) at Talawanda. I’ve made some great friends through Rotary…and I’m unsure I would have had the opportunity to meet them had I not joined the club.” —Holli Morrish

"Rotary helps keep me informed and active in my community and gives me the opportunity to participate in international projects we've helped with, such as eradication of polio and providing fresh water in under-developed countries." —Jim Burchyett

"Rotary has provided me an opportunity to meet and develop meaningful relationships with people I would otherwise have never met.  I also enjoy the sense of community that Rotary offers. Our club has a wonderful mix of young and old, male and female.  I look forward to every Wednesday meeting as we really have some interesting programs and speakers". —Susie Brower Sadler

"For me, Rotary is a tremendous network. It provides me an opportunity to meet and learn from the leaders in our community and creates a perfect opportunity for me to personally give back to the community". —Catherine Hollins

 "Rotary allows me to be part of an organization that actually works to make our community, nation and world a better place to live." —Jim Haley

"Rotary provides unique camaraderie within the context of its goal to improve the lives of others, not just here in Oxford, but also worldwide. Rotarians are interesting and dedicated individuals."—Roger Millar

“In addition to getting to know many of the leaders in our community, Rotary has given me the opportunity to stay involved with both college and grade school aged young people.  The Rotaract Program as well as our dictionary distribution program for third graders helps me stay at least young at heart.”—John Green 

“I really value my Rotary experience because it keeps me informed on what is going on in our community, through speakers and through conversation with other Rotarians.

It’s also a great way to give back to the community through the many activities that Rotary supports, and makes it a better place for all who live here.”—Alan Oak

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