Founding Fathers
Fred Brower and Bob Miller celebrate
the 50th Anniversary in June 2015.
Today they are the two remaining
of the original Founding Fathers.
Frederick F. Brower 
Lloyd A. Goggin
Robert J. Miller (Bob)
Joseph P. Wespiser III 
Herbert B. Wiepking 
C. K. Williamson 
Together these men formed the Oxford Rotary Club on June 16, 1965.
Charter Members 
Kenneth Bernard
James Bever
Arthur F. Conrad
J. Howard DuBois
Ralph N. Fey
Edwin Fulwider
Rolfe A. Heck
Robert A. Hefner
James Hixon
Herbert L. Hosack
F. Donald James
H. Sheffield Jeck
Andrew G. Lang
R. Kirk Mee
John Minnis
Myron T. Potter
Joseph C. Seibert
Harold Shellhouse
Frank Swift
Jack L. Tincher